We manufacture chipboard and corrugated partitions. Our box partitions are made from several grades of solid fiber rolls or corrugated sheets that are purchased from quality mills or corrugators. Our cell size capabilities range from 1/2 inch cells and up. Partition height capabilities range from 3/4 inches up through 24 inches. All assembled box partitions are bundled or boxed for best fit or per customer specification. They are then strapped and stretch wrapped to pallets.


Plain Chip

  • Economical, used for basic separation
  • Calipers offered .024 through .080

SBS Poly Coated Chip

  • Scuff resistant, white in appearance, an excellent grease barrier and food grade material
  • Calipers offered .024

Poly Coated Chip

  • Offers the most effective level of scuff resistance
  • Calipers offered .024 - .080
  • *Many other coatings available upon request*



  • 125 Eflute - 350# BC/DW


  • Kraft, White, Wax, Black Anti-Static and all Michelman coatings


  • Offered in both Chipboard and Corrugated

Depending on your industry or the area of the country you live in, you may refer to our product/products as: an assembled divider/assembled dividers, assembled partition/assembled partitions, slotted partition/slotted partitions, box divider/box dividers, box partition/box partitions, box separator/Box separators, chipboard partition/chipboard partitions, or corrugated partition/Corrugated partitions.

No matter what you call them, we can make them!